A Love Story


“Blessed are you who are poor, for yours is the
kingdom of
Blessed are you who hunger now, for you will be satisfied.
Blessed are you who weep now, for you will laugh.”  Luke 6:20-21

Back on the Road...

“A car will be given to us if we can change the title and insurance into our own names…” was the call from John.  John, a lifetime appliance repair man, worked for Sears for 17 years.  When Sears purchased K-Mart John was one of many who lost his job, benefits, and pension.  With a wife and two kids John took any job that came his way.  Many of these jobs were temporary, low paying, and long distances.  Over 2 years John kept working is way through the rough waters until he landed a job for a local appliance repair company.  The job looked promising and the pay was decent.  John was working for 6 months when his boss came to him and said, “we’re closing the doors.”  The news was crushing!  John remained faithful working out his last days in September.  The doors closed and John continued seeking new employment.  Nearly exhausting their savings account, giving their vehicle back to the bank,  and cutting back to the bare minimum there was HOPE!  John was offered a job for a established, local appliance repair company.  Good pay and lots of hours.  Even a company vehicle! 

One thing was missing...John needed transportation odd hours, each day from Lady Lake to their offices in Wildwood.  John’s Father-in-Law offered transportation for the first week of employment.  However, with a extremely ill wife at home, John’s Father-in Law, just couldn't continue to leave his wife for hours at a time.  John would have to find another way.

Sue, John’s daughter, offered a solution.  She had an old vehicle she was not driving.  It had no tag or insurance.  She offered the vehicle for FREE, but the title needed to be transferred and insurance and tag obtained.  After much thought.

Stopping in at the Christian Food Pantry for assistance, John’s wife mentioned the need and was told to call Love INC.  After verifying the need through the Clearinghouse John was able to obtain insurance, transfer the title, and tag needed to be on the road again! 

Many logistics, phone calls, and hours went into this process.  “As we met with John’s wife, daughter and son to make this transaction happen we were able to talk with them for about 3 hours.   Getting to know this family was such a blessing!  Young adults who wanted to engage in conversation about life, Love INC, and why we would help.  Pointing them toward love in the name of Christ and God’s great gift to us was one of the many topics.  What a grateful family they were!”  -Love INC Volunteer


Baby Love

“I went (to Loving Loud Baby Ministry) and the lady (Kathy) was so sweet and helpful!  Much of the time I don’t know where my (baby’s) diapers will come from.  Joe and I struggle with our rent and keeping the lights on.” 

Joe, a part-time Wal-Mart employee, and Judy, a stay at home mom, are learning to adjust to life with a newborn.  Judy hoping to go back to work in a few months is learning to be frugal and live on a tight budget.  Any unforeseen circumstances cause a shortfall and leave them anxious and unsure how to provide essentials.  Pantries like Loving Loud and the Infant & Toddler help fill these needs. 

Judy was invited to a women’s Bible Study and Mom’s Morning out at another local church by a neighbor.  She shared this info with us and our Love INC Clearinghouse volunteer was able to encourage Judy to go.  This is what she said, “I didn’t know how much I needed to get out of the house!  I’m embarrassed I don’t know much about the Bible, but they made me feel welcome.  I want to go back again next week.” 

Will you pray for Judy?


*Not thier real names.