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Love INC of the Heart of Florida

Why Volunteer?
At Love INC mutual participation is important!  We want to give our volunteers a chance to extend the love of Christ to the participating family while showing that someone really does care about them and wants to help by purchasing the clothing that their child likes and meets the School District’s Clothing Guidelines, but also have the kids pick their own clothing.
Everyone has value and we want to invest in them relationally!  For some of our families this will be the first time they have participated (financially and relationally) in a long time or ever.  We want to show them God's grace while continuing with Love INC's relationship with them.  For others, they are in need of mercy.  A helping hand for provision.  We want to help them, but also learn from them about how God provides for our needs, even in our hardest times.  We want to share God's truths with those we seek to serve.   

We invite you to join in and shop with a family this summer.  ​​

Interested in seeing how close we are to our goal for sponsoring a child and volunteering?  Click here!

Make a BIG impact on a

classroom this year!

We've spoken with area teachers and found they often end up buying supplies for their classrooms out of their own funds.  We've compiled a list of classroom items consistently requested.

Index Cards

Box of Band Aids

Yellow Sticky Notes

Ream of Copy Paper

Dry Erase Markers

Hand Sanitizer

Clorox Wipes

Single Subject Spiral Notebooks

Duotang Folders




All items will be assembled into a container in July and delivered to teachers for back to school.

If you are interested in taking part of this event, please contact Kristen at 352.245.8774.

What is Clothe-A-Kid?
Clothe-A-Kid is Love INC Network's response to families in need of clothing for their children, specifically for those going to school. 

Last year church volunteers took 130 kids shopping at Walmart on 466!  This year we are taking kids to Kohls in The Villages!
The reason for Clothe-A-Kid is multifaceted:
Through generous donations Love INC receives lots of adult sized clothing, shoes, and accessories. However, we do not receive many children's donations.  When we do get children's clothing it is often "on it's last leg".  Thus the birth of Clothe-A-Kid.

Generous volunteers and donors were shopping for kids clothing and shoes in years past.  They would get the size mom or dad thought their child wore...only to discover that a used medium shirt is not the same as a brand new medium sized shirt.  Why not?  The used medium shirt's fabric has been stretched over the years to fit more like a size large or even x-large, at times.  Thus leaving the child with clothing that doesn't fit and the donor and volunteer feeling sad, because they did not meet the need the first time around.  Causing more time, energy, and let down for all parties involved.  Solution to this problem...Clothe-A-Kid.

It is our hope through this shopping event that families will connect with churches.  Each child will be able to purchase $70 worth of clothing ($10 from the parent/guardian and $60 from donations to Love INC).  By taking the families shopping versus taking them clothing, shoes, etc. everyone leaves feeling good about their purchases and time well spent.

​Interested in sponsoring a child? Click the link below and note that it's for Clothe-A-Kid.