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Love INC of the Heart of Florida

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Love INC Model

Qualifications for Receiving Help

Love INC of the Heart of Florida, serving as a ministry of its partner churches, offers free help to residents who are in need. We seek to serve everyone who needs help, regardless of religious affiliation (or non-affiliation).

Because we have limited resources, we take care that we are meeting real needs. While yearning to share freely what we have, we seek to offer help that builds you up and we avoid efforts that tend to foster unhealthy or self-defeating patterns that rob an individual of vitality and God-given dignity.

We assure our church volunteers that their service, offered lovingly in the Name of Christ, will meet real needs within workable boundaries.  

Church volunteers need to know that the need is not beyond our capability to respond.

Love INC will only send volunteers to do work for others who are physically or financially unable to do the work themselves.

Church volunteers agree to serve neighbors in need; therefore, Love INC will refer persons who live outside the Love INC Service  area of Belleview, Lady Lake, Ocklawaha, Oxford, Summerfield, The Villages, East Wildwood, and Weirsdale  or who are just passing through our area, to other helping organizations.

In order to be good stewards of the resources God has gifted us, we must strive to make sure our efforts are directed to people who are truly in need; therefore, we work hard to reduce misrepresentation of facts and fraudulent requests for help, and will verify information given by you.

Our volunteers need to be assured that the service(s) they provide are not duplication of services given by another agency/organization.

If you have a real need, and if our volunteers have the skill to meet your need (usually we can find someone who does have the necessary skill), it is not difficult to “qualify” for help from Love INC:

1. Your need must be manageable – in other words, a need that a church volunteer can meet (typically, this rules out requests for significant financial assistance).
2. Your need must be legitimate – in other words, the need truly exists and you are unable to meet it yourself.
3. You are a resident of our service area.
4. You have accurately represented the facts of your situation.
5. You provide documentation or sign “release of information” forms as requested by us; if more information is requested, you contact the Clearinghouse and provide it.
6. If you are asked to participate in the (Transformational) Ministry program, you must attend, starting with a one-on-one meeting with a mentor.
7. Your need falls within the appropriate guidelines and policies as required for an agency or church referral (i.e. gasoline referrals require having a valid driver’s license, insurance and registration, etc.)

Please be patient as it can take a week or more from the time you call us until a volunteer meets your need.

Approved by Love INC Board of Directors 6.18.12