Mobilizing local churches to transform lives and communities In the Name of Christ.

Love In the Name of Christ (INC) of the Heart of Florida

Did you know?

 Launching high impact programs like Journey INC do not occur by accident! With a program cost of $125,000 they depend in critical ways on the generous hearts of Love INC donors.

Love INC curriculum within the transformational framework:

Through Love INC National, all Love INC Affiliates have access to powerful curricula designed to benefit our neighbors in need.   Our staff and volunteers are already trained in or are being trained in several of these curricula including:

Affirming Potential- Goal setting to help people move out of need into the life God intends for them.

Faith and Finances – Understanding our connection to money/spending and how to manage effectively.

Boundaries – Ensuring emotional wellbeing by establishing healthy boundaries.   

WorkLife - Learning the soft skills for employment. 

Transformational Workshops:  these have been held in churches and virtually with volunteers from partner churches, along with our affiliate’s Client Mobilizers that mentor Clearinghouse clients as they work on long term goals like budgeting and career exploration

Journey INC Program Outcomes – 1st year: 

  1. Hire a Journey INC Coordinator.
  2. Train a minimum of 10 facilitators (at least two per curriculum) to provide three trimesters of up to 12-week sessions.  Classes meet once a week while in session.  
  3. Recruit 30-member church volunteers to create volunteer teams for each of our churches to rotate responsibility for meals, child care and incentives.
  4. One-hundred (100) people in need will complete at least one program session. 
  5. Twenty-five (25) volunteers will be trained to function as mentor coaches for individuals completing Faith and Finance or Affirming Potential.   
  6. Participants have opportunities to give back in Journey INC leadership roles.

Love INC today - 

In spite of a worldwide pandemic God chose to continue pressing towards Journey INC.  In early August 2020, twenty-five volunteers came together in person and virtually to be trained to launch Journey INC.  On September 8, 2020 we officially launched Journey INC calling the program T4M (we instituted the name change in October 2021 to more closely represent the heart of the program) at partner church Tri-County Baptist Church.  With 15 families in attendance, Love INC is one step closer to its vision of Community Transformation.  

Why Journey INC, comprehensive transformational ministry

training classes for our community?

Journey INC Growth Timeline

During the last quarter of 2020, we will be implementingseveral steps simultaneously as we prepare for growing Journey INC 2021 to full potential. During this time, we will be recruiting volunteers, training facilitators, and completing Love INC mandatory training required to implement Journey INC programs. 

Oct-Nov, 2020        Volunteers and staff attend Facilitator Training for Work-Life.

Nov 5th - 6th 2020    Love INC of Metro Tampa hosts in person Work-Life session. 

Nov-Dec, 2020        Start to recruit and train additional volunteer teams from our partner churches.

January 2021        Second Trimester of Journey INC classes begin.

January 2021        Begin Faith and Finance 12-week session and assign mentors to participants.

Our second sessions begin early 2021 for financial health and well-being.  Volunteer Facilitators have been trained and certified to facilitate Faith and Finance”, a curriculum developed by the Chalmers Center whose mission is to equip the local church to address broken relationships at the root of material poverty, living our JesusKingdom today”.  

For more information or ways you can provide lacking resources, contact Dana at (352) 245-8774 or by email, 

Transformation is a process…Over the past five years Love INC has been preparing for Journey In the Name of Christ (Journey INC).  Three years ago Love INC started training and equipping the local Church on Redemptive Compassion/When Helping Hurts.  Two years ago George & Michelle Prinzing of Tri-County Baptist Church attended training at Love INC and a seed was planted.  January of 2020 a commitment to exploring Journey INC at Tri-County Baptist Church gave hope that it was possible.  

Since opening our doors in October 2006, Love INC of Heart of Florida (Love INC) has grown from its original seven partner churches to forty-four. Starting in 2005, thanks to your support, our founders have helped build a vibrant, high impact ministry, now poised for its next level of transformational growth to serve more people.  

“Love INC of the Heart of Florida (Love INC) represents our love story, vision and legacy; personally, and communally, for the Tri-County area.” - Dana Parker, Vision Carrier. 

Journey INC Program Goals:

  1. Build and train a team of Christian volunteers to offer learning opportunities that will provide participants with knowledge, skills, and supportive relationships to change behaviors that have kept them in material, spiritual, and relational poverty. 
  2. Successfully implement and sustain on going learning opportunities for our community. 
  3. Increase successful, life-affirming outcomes “Love Stories” for our clients who have been referred to Love INC. 
  4. Increase mutual relationships and understanding between our church volunteers and community participants.  

Love INC’s next level - 

Fully functioning, well staffed Journey INC, – as we continue our growth within the relational ministry model, we are now in the position to grow this next step; comprehensive transformational ministries with our Journey INC program.  This involves the development of a series of classes in which Love INC volunteers provide self -improvement and transformational opportunities to groups of people in our Tri-County community. The Love INC transformational ministry is designed to address those on-going issues that keep people in poverty, by building connections and new relationships, identifying strengths, learning new skills, achieving success and healing past wounds that negatively impact ones hope for the future.   

 Heart of Florida community has immediate learning needs beyond Love INC’s current offerings.  

Love INC can scale its community impact with Journey INC offerings not offered elsewhere.

Our experience shows when we are able to offer one-on-one learning with our client, relationships develop and goals are more readily achieved. 

Classes reach more people and provide a supportive peer learning environment, which is enhanced with mentor coaching.  

Pastors of partner churches want their members to be trained and engaged in meaningful community outreach.

Volunteers participate in learning opportunities and establish personal relationships with our guests.

Participants have opportunities to give back through Journey INC leadership roles.

Journey INC strengthens and transforms our community.