Mobilizing local churches to transform lives and communities In the Name of Christ


Love INC’s mission is to mobilize local churches to transform lives and communities in the name of Christ.  If your church agrees with the Apostles' Creed and is within Love INC of the Heart of Florida's service area they may be eligible for formal partnership.  There are many other churches that participate in a less formal way.


Individuals from local Christian churches who want to serve or give on a regular basis can:

Pray for the ministry
Volunteer time and talents
Donate finances
Purchase product

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Love Story

Fixed income
Mr. Chalmers was referred to Love INC from St Mary's Episcopal. When he called the Clearinghouse he was in need of June rent, because his roommate moved out. 

Mr. Chalmers lives on a very low, fixed income which covers his rent, utilities, and child support.  He does side jobs when available to pay for other expenses such as laundry, hygiene, cleaning supplies and odds and ends.  

When verifying the rent we learned Mr. Chalmers had lived there for 5 years with no major issues, however he had broken a window trying to kill a bee. He was already short on the rent. His disability prevents him from holding a regular job; therefore we would be limited to Compassion Charity. Having a roommate is a necessity for him to keep on track from month to month. He has found someone to move in July 1st.​

​Since Mr. Chalmers attends St. Mary's Episcopal Love INC supplied personal hygiene products and cleaning supplies to be picked up there. We also fixed the window and helped with the rent.  Love INC called Mr. Chalmers to let him know we could help and he was very grateful.  
When clients call in with requests for assistance, Love INC strives to meet their basic product needs through a voucher system. However, our goal is to treat causes rather than just symptoms of need, believing that people have inherent worth in Christ and that we are called to love them and invest in them relationally. In addition to product assistance, we offer clients free Life Skills classes and mentoring if they are willing to engage in our Transformational Programs and work towards lasting change in their lives.


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​​Love INC networks with a variety of helping entities and businesses for mutual support and to share resources to benefit the local community. We believe in working together, rather than duplicating effort or reinventing the wheel. This spirit of cooperation can bring about dramatic transformation in many lives and families, changing the face of our community for generations to come.