Mobilizing local churches to transform lives and communities In the Name of Christ

Love INC of the Heart of Florida

Love INC of the Heart of Florida (c) 2017

15797 S. Hwy 441 Summerfield, Florida 34491  352.245.8774 (office) 352.245.7536 (fax)

6 Core Principles


  • Everyone has value.

  • We are called to invest relationally in each other.

  • Everyone has capacity and potential.

  • Mutual participation is important.

  • We must use wisdom and discernment.

  • What we do should transform.


Relationships are at the center of everything we do. Love is clearly shown through relationships. These relationships are what give accountability and education the sustenance needed to be successful.


Change is hard. We all know that. Accountability keeps those who want to improve their situation focused. At Love INC, people in need are held accountable first through the verification of needs by calling the Clearinghouse and often later on by one-on-one coaching through the Transformational Ministry.​​​​


The system for getting help is confusing to say the least. Someone in need cannot possibly know what every local church provides, what resources are available, and what agencies are there to help. One call to Love INC’s Clearinghouse, though, and a trained volunteer will direct those individuals to a place where appropriate help awaits, whether that is through Love INC, a local church, or someplace else.​​


One needs to know how to improve a life situation before actually improving it. That makes education the door to opportunity. Whether it’s budgeting classes, parenting classes, gardening classes, or other offerings through the Transformational Ministries, Love INC wants to help open that door.


Coordinating with the local agencies, organizations, civic and social clubs helps us to find solutions to need, while eliminating duplication.


Each day Christian volunteers give countless hours of their time to meet the needs of our community.  

church partners

By coordinating the Christian churches in our area we are able to meet needs effectively, efficiently, and share the love of Christ.

4 principles of love inc 

... Love INC is able to be the bridge connecting people in need with those who can meet their need. Through the uniting together of churches, dedicated volunteers and with the generous donations of goods we are able to provide many of the basic necessities to those coming to us for assistance.  At Love INC we know that in order to restore families and communities individuals need biblical holistic help.  All four areas including spiritual, emotional, relational, and material needs have to be addressed.

Often Christians want to help those in need but they may not know how. Love INC coordinates ministries that leverage almost any donation or talent to responsibly meet needs. That way just about any willing Christian can find a way to serve the community.

With those mobilized volunteers and resources, Love INC coordinates meeting needs in a responsible manner. 

meeting needs