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Love INC of the Heart of Florida

Volunteer Qualifications:

All shopping volunteers must be 18 years or older. In addition, shoppers cannot have their children attend the shopping event with them. Please bring a picture ID to the shopping event. You will need this to check in at the shopping event. Please dress modestly.Volunteer cannot have a record of being convicted of a felony or misdemeanor.

Shopping Guidelines:

  • Love INC has set a budget for each child. You will receive an envelope with a gift card in it that you will be responsible for. 
  • Please refrain from spending additional funds of your own to maintain equality. 
  • Children are able to choose the clothing they would like to wear. There is not a specific list they have to purchase. Included in what they are able to purchase are: jeans or pants, shirts, jackets, socks, underwear and shoes. If the child chooses to purchase shoes, they must also purchase at least 2 clothing items. We are not just providing an expensive pair of shoes. 
  • All clothing purchased MUST meet the school district clothing guidelines.
  • Let the Lord lead you in all you say and do.

Clothe-A-Kid 2017


Volunteer to Shop:

Volunteer Responsiblities

Be the hands of Christ that help each family shop for clothes that meet the school districts clothing guidelines and fit the budget given.

Your Goal

Help the child or children you shop with to start the school year feeling confident and proud knowing that they have God given dignity.

Shopping Dates

Tuesday, July 25th 1PM-5PM

Thursday, July 27th 4PM-7PM

Monday, July 31st 1PM-5PM

Wednesday, August 2nd 1PM-5PM